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The Fashion Establishment
From Idea to drafting, from design to development, from mind to manufacturing, all your needs for a Fashion brand establishment and its growth, Fashionik.

Fashionik – The Fashion Establishment. A one-stop solution for new or established fashion brands, apparel brands, beds and bath textile, gym & Sportswear brands and Institutional Garments.

For new or established brands, We provide design solutions with our very own design services for you or designing as per your brainstorming ideas into a final ready design in all type of leather or textile garments. Sketches, Flats, Tech Packs , CAD, Hand-Painted Images, Digital Designs, or whatever format or form of design you need, We are here to design for you.

We provide sampling solution for all kind of leather and textile garments from tech packs, physical references, or bespoke. We pay attention to details to serve our clients with the best quality textile and leather garments.

Bespoke clothing is traditionally cut from a pattern drafted from scratch for the customer, and so differs from ready-to-wear, which is factory-made in finished condition and standardized sizes, and from made to measure, which is produced to order from an adjusted block pattern.

Fashionik as one-stop solution manufacture premium quality leather and textile garments. After Design, Sampling, we take full responsibility for production. We manufacture with world-class quality standards, ensuring the quality and the process up to Six-Sigma Standards. We make it possible for our clients to provide them all those standards they required.

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